"Children with autism often have poor fine motor skills thus making some of the most basic self help and life skills difficult for children to master"

Self Help & Life Skils

Working in partnership with parents and professionals to help equip disadvantaged children with the skills needed to be independent in specified self help skills.

This will vary depending on demand, however due to the growing need and ethics of enabling children with disadvantages with these independent skills benefits not only the child but the people in their lives.

The individuals will need to have an assessment of skills in order to generate an individually tailored programme to teach them.

Enabling them with these skills is not only essential for their confidence levels but for the lifelong journey ahead towards a more independent lifestyle.

All programmes can be done within the home or will be transferred to the home environment and parent training will be imperative as they will carry out most of the work in the home according to the individual plan.

Programmes have been set up to identifying deficit areas and the limits to such skills, these s
kills may include, but not limited to toileting, feeding, brushing teeth, hair, washing/ drying hands, dressing.