"Put yourself in a state of mind where you say to yourself, 'Here is an opportunity for me to celebrate like never before, my own power, my own ability to get to do whatever is necessary to contribute."

International Services

Due to the lack of functional provisions in some parts of the world and the increase in demand for NLP 4 Autism – A.T.T.A.R ethos practitioner training, we have been branching out worldwide to assist in all areas of deficits.

Creating awareness and acceptance in some countries is first and foremost the starting point!

How Can We Assist Overseas?

Active Autism are pleased to offer overseas assistance through our International Consultation packages specifically tailored to the needs of individuals, companies, families, schools and centres.

We offer two packages that will asses each case differently. The information below outlines what is included in each package be it and individual or an organisation. 



​​​​​Do You Offer International Franchise Opportunities?

Active Autism, like every butterfly likes to spread it's wings, therefore are happy to provide full turn key franchise packages. Please click here to find out more about franchising in our Get Involved section.

Organisation Package
Schools, Centres and Medical Centrees

  • Within the package we assess:
  • The premises
  • The running of the establishment
  • Identify areas of training
  • Devise specialised training packages for staff and management
  • Reconstruct curriculums
  • Reconstruct classroom dynamics

  • Business coach management/ owners (continuous coaching is available on request)

Individual Package
Individual child or young person and their families

  • Assessment of individual child deficits
  • Assessment of behaviour
  • Establish a long term education programme
  • Meet with school to integrate the targets
  • Train parents, siblings and nannies on interactional skills
  • Train parents, siblings and nannies and teachers on implementation of the personalised programme
  • Continuous monthly SKYPE based consultations are also suggested (but are optional)