"Ultimately, no man or woman is happy unless they have found a way to contribute beyound themselves"

                                                          Anthony Robins


Active Autism world

What is Active Autism world?

Active Autism world will launch new and different exciting and motivating projects that will create a new spin on Autism Awareness creating a more interactive global awareness.


The different exhibitions will be launched in the UK and travel the world in order to emphasize the subtle things that affect the condition that we take for granted.


This will help parents, professionals and the wider communities understand the different characteristic and possible functions of their childs behaviour or lack of behaviour by taking a walk in their shoes.


Below are the latest events that you can get extremely excited with as we are and can get involved with. 


How can I help?

There are two current projects that you can get active with Active Autism:


The Buterfly Challenge


​Join the Active Autism World by buying a virtual butterfly that will go on to 20 metres of actual canvas that will be exhibited at the exhibition.  The money raised will go towards the 'Sensory Street Experience' that will give you a taste of seeing through the eyes of Autism. For more information and to get involved please visit www.activeautismworld.com and be a part of the bigger world!


Finding your butterfly will be your challenge as we will put your name on the butterfly you choose to buy.  Prizes will be given on the event days ensuring a fun and educating experience for all.



Sensory Street Experiance 


the Sensory Street Experience will leave parents, professionals and the wider community gasping for more education around Autism.  After going through a series of the different sense paths an abundance of insights will develop fascinating the least involved. ​The full details of the event will not be revealed untill ​closer to the event as we dont want to ruin the suprise.


Date and venue will be available soon so dont forget to subscribe and join the facebook page.