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Embassy Services

Foreign Embassies in the UK

Active Autism has been providing services to a variety of embassies in the UK. The services are becoming more popular amongst the Middle Eastern Embassies as the coaching and training is available in their native Arabic language.

I am an Embassy and wish to have access to Active Autism Services. How do I register?

If you are an embassy and wish to register for access to Active Autism services, please email us on embassies@activeautism.co.uk and the Director will give you a call to arrange a registration meeting.

I am an Embassy and need an urgent referral to be seen, what do I do?

If you have an urgent referral and are registered with Active Autism please fax the guarantee letter to the Re:Cognition Health fax number which is +44 (0)20 3432 7378 or a quicker processes would be via email to embassies@activeautism.co.uk or alternatively contact Us on +44(0)7958 196 186 for urgent and weekend enquiries.