“It is not what we get. But who we become, what
we contribute ... that gives meaning to our lives.”
― Anthony Robbins

Buddy Services

What is the Buddy Service?

Buddy service is designed to raise awareness and allow communities to get involved to make a difference in the world.

We recognise that the most important thing in one’s personal developmental life is to be able to grow and contribute to society whether it’s cultural or cross cultural.

Giving back to society is vital to our growth and contribution within our personal development, in recognition of this we are giving you the opportunity to be able to do just so!

Enhancing your chances of feeling whole, we educate you within this magnificent opportunity to the awareness and experiences that children and young adults with Autism are exposed to within themselves.

Opening your eyes to a whole new world, you will definitely value your own and see the brighter side to life and at the same time make an incredible difference in someone else’s.

Ensuring that you are equipped with awareness of the conditions and the correct strategies you MUST attend a Buddy workshop.

Don’t delay, become a Buddy today ​and make that change!

What Will The Child Gain?

To Buddy up with a family in need allows for the child to engage and improve Social skills

Who Can Become A Buddy?

  • Schools – this can be encouraged as part of work experience
  • High School teenagers wanting to get experience – supervision may be required
  • College and university students wishing to gain experience and extra knowledge
  • Professionals interested in giving their time to do well and contribute to their society
  • Organisations that send their staff on volunteer days 

How Can I Become A Buddy?

Becoming a voluntary buddy is easy. Whether you are a school, organisation or an individual. Simply click here to fill out our online application and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch.

All applicants are subject to CRB checks and are required to attend a one day workshop where they will receive an attendance certificate upon completion.

Can I request A Buddy?

If you are a parent or the carer of a child with a condition, Active Autism are delighted to offer our buddy services at your request. Please click here and complete the request form and someone from our team will contact you within 7 working days.