"We believe in developing individualised intervention programs tailored to each person"

What is Autism?

Autism is a growing need for support as many children and young persons with this condition display significant challenges in their behaviour.

Giving AUTISM a new definition enables us to be successful in understanding the needs and requirements of the individual child and young person when attempting to interact with them.

The ethos of excellence not only focuses on the individual needs of the children and young person’s, but predominantly on the mindset of the individual that is commissioned to provide specifically tailored motivational behavioural interventions.

Looking at the label A.U.T.I.S.M from the angle of the child as a question, it is interpreted as inside information for the pre-requisite skills we need as professionals who are attempting to interact with the condition.

The children and young people affected by this condition are deeply engrossed with their internal sensory overload and trying to make sense of the sensations experienced, with no explanation or comprehension of the visual interpretations in their environment, apart from the items or things that they associate with their motivational or excitery levels.

It is not uncommon that disadvantaged children and young person’s experience difficulties within their home and school settings which in turn has a major affect on parents and teachers making life and work draining to say the least creating difficulties and frustration to others due to the lack of possible understanding and coping mechanisms. The aim of our ethos is to equip the parents and professionals training them as coaches every step of the way delivering an on the spot service with our multi-disciplinary team on site and in close collaboration.

This gives us an indication of how relevant typical behaviour is to the condition in the sense that motivation and inspiration are key elements for successful joint attention.