"Natural Enviroment Teaching  is teaching skills or reinforcing skills in a less structured environment"

Natural Environment Teaching

“The world is our classroom, the real world training”

Many persons with Autism find it hard to be out and about, whether its assisting with their parents chores, on a family day out or even a school outing.

The environment presents so many different stimuli’s that it can be over bearing for the individual to tolerate causing various behaviours to surface these maybe familiar to parents or even unknown.


After many conversations with parents and many individual programmes specifically designed to tackle these specific areas, it has been flagged up as an urgent and priority intervention.  As a highly sought after programme and with the shared belief that learning is not dependent on a table or specific 1:1 teaching in an indoor area to avoid the real life situations this programme has been highly successful.

Whether its desensitization to specific sounds, tantrum to what the child wants out of a store, walking appropriately, waiting or the most common and important variable which is instructional control we are here to help.

The NET programme will be designed to meet your family’s individual needs and bridge the gaps in your child’s fears, over stimulation, tolerance and ability to respond to instructional control but not limited to.  The coach designated to your family will follow the training guidelines and at all times have your child’s specific curriculum in mind ensuring that they are working towards it and making progress every step of the way.

Coaching children about their environment within their environment is an important area of development and is not limited to the Autism Spectrum Condition. We have assisted families with typical children that have behavioural deficits to children and young adults with neurological deficits.
The benefits are long term for family and child, take action now and enrol in a programme to beat the future stresses that may come for you and your child, because as we have evidently seen the older these children get staying idle the more difficult the deficits are to handle.

Whether it’s with Active Autism or not really don’t delay and please start taking action today!