Who Are We?

Active Autism provides a range of services that will cater to the individual persons, parents and

professionals in the field of supporting disadvantaged persons. Focusing on the most complex cases

of neurological deficits that also have challenging behaviours; we aim to create a more positive and

functional lifestyle and learning experience through interventions for the targeted audience;

combining education and care through NLP 4 Autism-The A.T.T.A.R Wheel of Success.


This motivating opportunity for disadvantaged children to be fully understood through their existing

cognitive skill levels and the functions of their behaviours, enables us ‘the Coaches’ to be equipped

with the appropriate targets and teaching strategies that will ensure success every step of the

way, guaranteeing emotional well being throughout the learning process.


Enabling potential within children and young person’s that are disadvantaged and/ have challenging

behaviours is not only a learning experience for the individual in question but the multi disciplinary

team that are the Life Coaches supporting them.

It is our vision that every child or adult who is disadvantaged is able to access not only fun and challenging

play opportunities, but a functional learning experience that aims to increase their skill levels with

individual targets that will be achieved through the use of fun and play experiences.

Our support in problem solving complex cases with specialist behavioural principles, experienced and trained staff will not only help with decreasing the levels of challenging behaviours, but also furnishing coping mechanisms for the families and professionals that are involved in these cases.


Meet The Founder


Internationally renowned for her outstanding success within different complex cases Zaina Attar has a unique approach to therapy and creating new neuropathways in the brain and overcoming traditional medical difficulties through her uniquely person centered approach and behavioral strategy.


Zaina Attar is a Neuro-Behaviour Coach, behaviour strategist, celebrity & sportsperson life coach.  Specializing in complex neurological deficit cases Zaina Attar has always welcomed unexplained cases that challenge the traditional medical field.


From complex challenging cases of Autism, developmental delay, Down syndrome, rare genetic disorders, severe brain damage, coma patients, various speech disorders, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, multiple sclerosis, stress and creating new neuropathways in the brain to Life coaching, weight management and all behaviour retraining or training issues.


She is trained in Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and child education, various behaviour sciences and therapies as well as Hypnotherapy and Train the Trainer. Attending many conferences, workshops and seminars she keeps up to date with the latest scientific findings and adds to her vast repertoire of knowledge. 

Zaina practices in Harley Street London & is also a mobile practitioner who can visit you in your home. As well as providing a London based service, Zaina travels to a number of international locations & will deliver the same services available in London to her internationally client list and train any home staff as needed. 

Current clients include many from international locations such as the Middle East (administering her therapeutic interventions in the Arabic language), Russia, EU, America, Caribbean and Levant region.  Zaina works with both genders children and adults.


Proudly rising to any medical challenge she offers a consistent successful services anywhere and everywhere around the globe in Arabic & English.  Her clients have always left feeling reborn & love to keep in contact with their new exciting adventures and progress.

Zaina was elected to become a committee member for the Arab Network for Autism (ANA) and the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS) to increase the development of training and education in the Middle East. In 2012 she was awarded best Arab scientist of the year.

Like the cedar tree she stands firm in what she believes in and extends her branches to the changes she aims to make. Her new Intervention the mindset to success called NLP 4 Autism the” A.T.T.A.R Wheel of Success (W.O.S)” has been launched in some schools in the UK and is in talks for the Middle East and some parts of Europe.

Zaina is still aspiring for more global success and is in the process of writing and completing her book called “A.U.T.I.S.M? - A.T.T.A.R Wheel of Success”, where, she uncovers her secret mindset for success and creates a new definition of neurological deficits such as Autism establishing a more positive global awareness.