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Parental Services


Our counselling service is available to both parents and professionals as we also recognise the stress that professionals can be under when involved in families that experience challenging behaviour.

Our councillors are accredited and are experienced within the remit of Autism and developmental

disorders.  Familiar with the trauma that is caused from the diagnosis of the condition to the everyday stresses of living with Autism, our councillors have been carefully selected to be able to relate with the family in order to enable each individual to feel at home.

Having a strong belief in the need for counselling in order to uphold strength to continue to thrive in making a difference in your/ the child, we also understand that other life’s surprises can enhance the strain.

This service can be accessed by Individuals, NHS professionals and various departments within local Authorities (subject to registration and availability).

There are several packages that have been put together to enable the service to be cost effective and easily accessible to individuals:

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Please note: Individuals are eligible for a free 20 minute consultation with one of our specialised counsellors.