Creative, individualised strategies and tools to help you connect, engage and influence as a parent, coach or professional for your child.

Intensive Courses

Active Autism offer individually tailored intensive courses for families who have a child or young adult with Autism and other related neurological deficits. This can be arranged for the family and the person with Autism to attend one of our partnership centres close to them or our consultant and assistant to come to the family home wherever you are in the world.

The various intensive courses run for a period range of one to six weeks depending on the severity.

The intensive intervention entails a consultant and therapist working with the family, carers and individual with Autism and other related neurological deficits from 9am until 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Who Can Have Access To Theses Programmes?

These programmes are suitable for any family who wishes to learn how to coach appropriate behaviours, including but not limited to: 

  • Self-help Skills
  • Communication, augmentative and speech
  • How to behave within the community, including walking appropriately, waiting, taking turns etc

  • Social Skills
  • Accepting ‘No’

  • Sibling interaction
  • Weight and dietary management

  • Many more Important skills



Who Have The Intensive Programs Been Advantageous To?

  • Families across the globe that cannot travel.
  • Middle Eastern Families that want the programme done in the native language Arabic and/ who cannot travel to the west. 
  • Social services and Child Protection commissioning (specific intervention requests)
  • Families that are in remote parts of the country and don’t have access to services.
  • A child that is close to exclusion from their current school.
  • Families that are running existing home programs in order to provide a thorough review of the program and to further train existing staff and to train new staff.
  • Families that are wanting to setup a new home program. We can discuss how to setup a new program, managing staff, finding staff and teach you the techniques you need to effectively help your child.
  • Families that do not want to setup a home based program, but just want to improve their interactions with their child.



We are able to provide you with details of recommended accommodation, including doing the actual booking process. This is mainly for our international clients however we can accommodate for all. Please contact us for this information.


Cost And Availability

We are now taking bookings for 2013 & 2014. Please contact us for availability.

The cost for a 5 day Intensive Course in 2013 is £2500 for the rates for more than 5 days please contact us.